When there is no take two, take no chances!

As a provider of quality media content, your success depends on an unfailing transport network, and many technology companies promise broadcast-quality reliability and support. While competing with a similar set of services, they still lack the strength of our foundation upon decades of broadcast industry experience which adds familiarity and focus on the industry’s needs and priorities.

Outstanding support

You’ll quickly discover a refreshing difference. Instead of phone menus and voicemail, you get rapid access to knowledgeable technicians.

Quality network

Our track record of best-in-class uptime and QoS reflects years of media delivery with its real-world surprises.


Providing services for central casting, file sharing, news feeds are all key elements of our services focused on the broadcasters.

Whether you need feeds from studios to transmitters or regional, national or international venues, were are there to serve your needs.

Cable, DSS & IPTV

When cable, DSS and more and more IPTV providers look for a robust network they can trust to deliver network affiliate signals, for both over–the-air and studio signals, we are the network of choice.


Whether it is an international sporting event, conference or a news event, we have a proven record of delivering on-demand events of large international appeal or local significance.


Our network reach is worldwide, spanning key markets throughout Asia and Europe.

Film / Media

Serving the needs of daily content, color correcting and other needs for the film industry is a key focus of our efforts.